About The British Gold Company

The British Gold Company quality array of exquisite gifts is brought to you courtesy of The British Gold Company (BGC).

Every piece offered includes the BGC certificate of authenticity

The BGC produces a limited edition, customised range of spectacular gifts each lavishly and carefully finished with the purest, abundantly applied, 24kt Gold. Accordingly, every item is accompanied by a BGC issued, hand signed and dated certificate.The (certified) gold used is generously applied culminating in the most beautiful and durable of finishes; thus when handled and cared for correctly, these pieces will continue to lustre for decades to come.

The finest gold finishing process available

It is important to understand the difference between the gold plating process applied by BGC Goldsmiths’ in contrast to so many other offerings around the world. The term ‘gold-plated’ is, unfortunately, far too frequently used to describe a gold-tone or gold coloured finish; whilst in other instances, even where real gold is used, a poorly applied or a thinly executed coating will impact seriously in both appearance and function. All BGC products offered on this website benefit from the most diligent of processes ensuring the finished product is both fit for purpose and that it maintains its rich, high-gloss-gold appearance.

Luxury Packaging

Items of such luxury deserve luxury presentation. Every item is housed in its own, high grade, hinged case along with the BGC paperwork.